Future of Artificial Intelligence

I do not see robots taking over humans shortly. In my opinion, it should not happen even as we should not end up being slaves to the machines. We already have so many machines around us. It scares me what the future beholds if the “strong” AI is a success. And it is also a significant threat to the economic situation as unemployment would further increase. Although it has brought great comfort in our lives already in the form of smartphones where we use map routes, calendar scheduling, predictive texts/auto complete, at the same time I do feel we do not use our brains much like before which is not good. Won’t we age quicker? What do you think? We should utilize our brains and intelligence to the fullest. The growth of Artificial Intelligence is hindering the growth of our brain and intelligence. Also if it goes into wrong hands, AI could be used for mass destruction or wrong things, which is even more scarier.

Philippe Pasquier, an associate professor at Simon Fraser University, said “As we deploy more and give more responsibilities to artificial agents, risks of malfunction that have negative consequences are increasing,” though he likewise states that he does not believe AI poses a high risk to society on its own (Faggella, 2016).


Faggella, D. (2016) Exploring the risks of artificial intelligence. Available at: https://techcrunch.com/2016/03/21/exploring-the-risks-of-artificial-intelligence/ (Accessed: 19 June 2017)


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