Lack of communication is a project risk

Lack of communication is a risk and can have an adverse impact on the project thus leading it towards failure. A report done by the PMI disclosed this fact. Even today several projects are missing effective communication amongst the teams.… Continue Reading


Cultural clashes lead to project failure

One of the reasons for project failures that caught my attention is “Distance and culture clashes.” It is a debatable issue. When an organization compiles a project team having people from different backgrounds and cultures, in my opinion, their vision… Continue Reading


Allocation of project resources

One of the software project risks is “Correct resource allocation at the correct time is a crucial key to project success”. That is so true and happens all the times in the projects where project managers want tasks finished quickly… Continue Reading


Incomplete requirements delays a project!

Incomplete requirements can impact the schedule of the project and delay it. That is why requirements validation is essential. The agile approach is beneficial as requirements are validated at the end of every iteration as the end user gets a… Continue Reading


Design patterns for complex systems?

Design patterns may not be suitable for complex projects. We have in-depth discussed during coursework how to manage complex and critical systems better. “Especially, the cost can be a huge problem when applied to the complex system.” The statement above… Continue Reading


AGILE: Large scale Vs Small Scale projects

It is hard to scale Agile for large-scale project probably because Agile methods were originally designed for small and single-team projects (Boehm and Turner, 2005). With the increase in the size of an organization, the difficulty of introducing agile methodology increases (Dybå and Dingsøyr, 2008). One main… Continue Reading


Software Testing & Software Quality

Software testing plays a significant role in the process of software development. It helps in improving the quality of software, verification, and validation and estimating the software reliability. Softwares are in use by all industries, and any bug in a critical application… Continue Reading


Software quality proportional to system complexity?

“The difficulty of ensuring all the quality aspects of a software is proportional to the complexity of the system.” I agree with the above statement. Not only quality but costs involved are also related to the software complexity. If a code is… Continue Reading


Software Quality and Software Testing

“Therefore, it is very crucial to have tests in place so that these are run after each change, and the developer will have peace of mind that other functionalities were not affected by the changes.” The above statement caught my… Continue Reading