Self-driving cars

I understand the fact the self-driving cars would not be releasing shortly, but it does sound fascinating. It is very interesting to know how it is making use of Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence’s role comes into play for a self-driving car for facilitating in-depth learning. It is not possible for the programmers to use millions of if-else statements for hard coding the various situations that a self-driving car would come across. It is simply not feasible and safe. There is need of an algorithm which ensures the car processes information about what is safe and unsafe. These vehicles are making use of artificial intelligence in the following functions:

  • Leading the car to a gas station to refill fuel when it is running low
  • Detecting the shortest route
  • Speech recognition for passenger’s communication with the car
  • “Eye tracking for improved driver monitoring.
  • Natural language interfaces and virtual assistance technologies.” (Giarrantana, 2017)


Giarrantana, C. (2016) How AI is driving the future of autonomous cars. Available at: https://readwrite.com/2016/12/20/ai-driving-future-autonomous-cars-tl4/ (Accessed: 19 June 2017)


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