Which data mining technique for elections?

As we just had elections in the UK, so I had been wondering lately what data mining technique they must use for presidential campaigns and predictions. And I am of the view after some research; they make use of classification and clustering. What do you think? Sangar, Haze and Ebrahimi (2013) state “Anticipating the political behavior of candidates can determine future of domestic and foreign policies of each country and their balances. Anticipating the political behavior of candidates will be considerable help for election candidates to assess the possibility of their success and to be acknowledged about the public motivations to select them. Nowadays, due to the increasing rate ofdata bases volume and inefficiency of traditional statistics methods to extract knowledge from data, it is used data mining algorithms to find potential relationships. It is capable of anticipating, classification and clustering. ”


Sanagar, A.B., Khaze, S.R., and Ebrahimi, L. (2013) PARTICIPATION ANTICIPATING IN ELECTIONS USING DATA MINING METHODS. Available at: http://airccse.org/journal/ijci/papers/2213ijci05.pdf (Accessed: 13 June 2017)


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