Software Quality

The entire project team should ensure the software quality and not only the developers. In my opinion, the quality of the software is directly proportional to the quality of the collaboration amongst the entire team.

High-quality teamwork is considered a crucial success factor in software development projects (Gemuenden, 1990).

Hoegl and Gemuenden (2001) are of the view that a project’s success is determined not only by the quality level of teamwork but also other factors come into play like communication, management, and organizational factors, etc. The figure below depicts the Teamwork Quality model presented by Hoegl & Gemuenden.

Weimar et al. (2017) have stated in their report that the goal of their research is to validate if (1) Trust, (2) Value Sharing and (3) Coordination of Expertise are relevant factors for inclusion in Hoegl and Gemuenden’s model of Teamwork Quality (TWQ). They conclude communication and mutual support are of somewhat more important for team performance than the other TWQ factors. The following table explains the teamwork quality factors.

This study shows that trust, shared values, and coordination of expertise are vital factors for team leaders to consider to achieve high-quality software teamwork. The following figure depicts the graphical representation of the TWQ model in AMOS.




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