Lack of communication is a project risk

Lack of communication is a risk and can have an adverse impact on the project thus leading it towards failure. A report done by the PMI disclosed this fact. Even today several projects are missing effective communication amongst the teams. Every project should have well-planned tasks to promote communication by using essential tools like emails, group discussion board, etc. to have better communication via information exchange.

Hignett (2017) lists the results of some studies relating to the project failures caused due to ineffective communication:

  • “Companies risk $135 million for every $1 billion spent on a project and new research indicates that $75 million of that $135 million (56 percent) is put at risk by ineffective communications, indicating a critical need for organizations to address communications deficiencies at the enterprise level.”
  • “Ineffective communications is the primary contributor to project failure one third of the time, and had a negative impact on project success more than half the time.” 
  • “High-performing organizations (those completing an average of 80 percent or more of projects on time, on budget and within goals) create formal communications plans for nearly twice as many projects as their lower performing counterparts (which complete fewer than 60 percent of projects on time, on budget, and within goals).”

To overcome this problem, PMI suggests having formal plans for communication. Following are the recommended strategies to support effective communication.

  • Bridge any gaps surrounding the business benefits.
  • Communication plans should be customized for the diverse stakeholders.
  • The realization of the significance of project management including communication.
  • Efficient use of standard practices for communication for the project.

From my experience, I feel lack of proper information control software creates a lot of gap in communication.  A good software solution should be used by the project team to classify if the project deliverables are delayed. Reporting on real-time data concerning the early information of possible holdups can help in managing project schedules better. A complete history of project tasks, deliverables, etc. should be maintained.

“Systems, such as Coreworx Project Information Control software, provide the ability to automate best practice project management processes. In addition to regulating processes, Coreworx systems capture all data related to individual communication activities and provides the information via reports and dashboards appropriately for different stakeholders over the entire project lifecycle. Ensuring current information is communicated to the correct people throughout the project means more than sending an email to a project team member with a recent update. (Hegnett, 2017)”



Hignett, T. (2017) Poor Communication Leads to Project Failure One Third of the Time. Available at: http://www.coreworx.com/pmi-study-reveals-poor-communication-leads-to-project-failure-one-third-of-the-time/ (Accessed: 1 October 2017)


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