Do users actually read “user agreements”?

A peer mentioned Amazon and highlighted the fact that we as user, often give consent to the privacy rules without even reading them. In April last year, the chief Information Security Officer at AWS announced that its services would be in compliance to the GDPR when it is enforced.


Google and Microsoft and many other companies too would have to rework their data privacy policies in order to comply with the GDPR. The Data Protection Law of 1995 would be replaced by the GDPR, which requires the companies to delete data on request unless there is a legal reason to keep it, people affected by data violations should be informed, and data protection should be imbibed into the products and services from their early inception. The new law impacts both data controllers and data processors. Google and Microsoft would have to rework their data processing rules especially for Cloud services, which is a booming industry at the moment (Sayer, 2017).


Do you think GDPR would positively impact the users of the services like Amazon and other companies? Massive data is collected by such companies and used for Big data analytics, how would you think that would be affected? Or will it make less difference as the users might continue to give consent blindly?




Sayer, P. (2017) Google echoes Amazon’s assurance on EU data protection compliance. Available at: https://www.pcworld.com/article/3194132/cloud-computing/google-echoes-amazons-assurance-on-eu-data-protection-compliance.html (Accessed: 29 January 2018)


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