Advantages of using JavaScript

There are many advantages of using JavaScript: foremost that it’s easier to learn and is an interpreted language, which means no compilers required. It is also easier to debug, test and it is platform independent. JavaScript has the features of the procedural languages like loops, conditional statements etc. It also provides event-based programming which enables a user to execute a certain piece of code when an event occurs for e.g. a mouse click and that makes it a user interactive language. Because it is client based, which makes it quick to execute as no server side is involved. It is easy to implement and can be used on any web page. Quick response to the users. And as no server side is involved so it reduces the server load. The usage of JavaScript is multiple, for instance, it can be used to make calculations, processing web pages or implementing the rich user interface.

“Some users and developers disable JavaScript because of this.”

I completely agree. Far (2017) states “From Blockmetry’s direct measurements, 0.2% of page views from worldwide traffic across all devices in the fourth quarter 2016 had javascript disabled. Further, cross-tabulating by device type, traffic from desktops, Android phones and Android tablets had the highest rates of disabling JavaScript, while iPhones and iPads generally had lower rates.The next question is: Who disables JavaScript at high rates? The answer is Tor users, east Asian countries, Africa, and Finland.”


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