Benefits of Open source software

“Open source software can provide the organization with more effective and less expensive software alternatives provided they are properly managed”.

I am in agreement with the above statement. OSS would be beneficial if the business is able to successfully “manage” it as well. Golden (2016) states “Open source requires a higher level of technical talent than traditional proprietary solutions because there’s a world of difference between building a solution and operating someone else’s solution. The latter is the world of certifications and cookie-cutter solutions; the former requires creativity, self-reliance, and technical chops. Newly-hired technical employees tend to come with open source experience and an inclination toward self-generated solutions, while many long-term IT employees are much more comfortable with a vendor-centric world. However, most organizations can’t (and shouldn’t) do a wholesale replacement of personnel. So IT organizations face the task of reskilling existing employees, integrating new staff, all while architecting new systems and ripping out old ones”.


Golden, B. (2016) Open source in the enterprise brings opportunities and challenges. Available at: http://www.cio.com/article/3032221/open-source-tools/open-source-in-the-enterprise-brings-opportunities-and-challenges.html (Accessed: 30 April 2017)


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