Project management code of ethics

What are readers views on tailoring codes of conduct to the specific positions or areas of work such as for project management? Or you would rather prefer these listed as general rules of conduct to be followed by all employees? Which would prove more efficacious in communicating rules?


That’s a very interesting question, isn’t it? I think there should be specific code defined for the project management and strict adherence should be ensured. PMI (2018), the project management institute has a code of conduct for project management, which states “Ethics is about making the best possible decisions concerning people, resources and the environment. Ethical choices diminish risk, advance positive results, increase trust, determine long term success and build reputations. Leadership is absolutely dependent on ethical choices. PMI members have determined that honesty, responsibility, respect and fairness are the values that drive ethical conduct for the project management profession. PMI’s Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct applies those values to the real-life practice of project management, where the best outcome is the most ethical one. All PMI members, volunteers, certification holders and certification applicants must comply with the Code.” Similarly, there are other associations for project management, which have a code of conduct for professionals.


Like PMI details the importance of ethics for the project managers, I think it is beneficial to have specific code of conduct rather than general. It provides more guidance into different prospects and situations and what is expected by the project managers. Customer relationships are not only associated with the product/service delivery but how a company values their client. Project managers play an important role in attracting the clients by dealing with them both ethically and professionally. A strong relation with customers would always enhance the company’s repute. And in the long term, such companies do overtake their competitors.




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