Professional integrity and relations with clients

One of my peers narrated how they refused the invitation to a gaming event based on the ethical duty to the Authority and to maintain my professional integrity; being invaluable in their work. The decision is ethically sound and plausible as not many can restrain themselves from an opportunity to network at the high-quality social event. But at the same time, it makes me think that if a client doesn’t get along with the company, then he might go to some other company? As many would see opportunities like these to build strong customer relations. To retain customers, companies thrive hard to develop strong relationships with their clients.  It is unavoidable for an association with a client to nurture due to socializing on events, ball games, wc law firm etc. But at the same time, if you are a strong believer in work-based ethics and a strictly professional person, then it would be difficult to go that extra mile. As IPENZ (2005) “Above all, engineers need to be mindful of the IPENZ Code of Ethics, which requires the engineer to act with professionalism, integrity, and competence at all times. From time to time clients may put pressure on engineers to step outside the Code of Ethics. Managing the client’s expectations and educating them about ethical behaviours is an important aspect of the engineer/client relationship.”


Keeping in view how client relations play a significant role in keeping the clients, do readers think his company appreciated his decision in that regard? Or did it make their client unhappy?




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